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The aim of the project is to create a community for everyone interested in the philosophy of happiness (eudaimonia) as conceived by Socrates and carried on by several different schools of philosophy in ancient Greece and Rome. My primary focus is Socrates, Plato and the Stoics. Until recently, the project was heavily focused on Stoicism - and on Seneca in particular. I’m increasingly convinced that the Stoics lost important Socratic insights - both regarding human motivation and regarding how to use philosophy to help other people. More on this is coming posts - but as an appetizer I can say that I’m currently heavily focused on Plato’s “Republic” and heavily focused on the part of current scholarship on Plato that basically sees Plato as completely loyal to Socrates throughout his life (examples: Christopher Rowe, Rachana Kamtekar, Drew Hyland).

The project began on Google+ in January 2014. When Google+ was closed down in spring 2019 the project had nearly 175,000 followers. It was then split in two - one part living on MeWe (daily quotes with discussion) and one part living on Blogger (longer posts with discussion). As of August 2021 both sides of the project live on Substack.

You can read a more extensive introduction to the product here.

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